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Quest Nutrition Cereal Protein Bar Shipper


MSRP: $323.88

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SKU 10888849005151
Weight 25.8 lb
Dimensions 35.000” W X 10.500”H X 10.500” D

The Variety Pop Up Display Contains all 3 Flavors Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate, and Waffle Quest Cereal Protein Bars. Its not cereal, its beyond cereal! Regular cereal is made from grains. Beyond cereal is made from protein! The Quest "Beyond Cereal" Bar has all sweet, comforting crunch of a junk food cereal bar, but with the incredible nutritional profile you can expect from Quest. Its a bar for the kid in all of us who loves cereal, but dares to dream beyond the ordinary. Not like other sugars! Allulose is a sweetener that offers all the taste and texture of sugar, but with 1/10th of the calories! Best of all, its been shown not to spike your blood sugar, even though Allulose only contributes .4 Calories per gram (instead of 4.0 Calories from traditional sugar) the FDA requires it to be listed under the "sugars" section of the Nutrition Fact Panel. Altogether, the Allulose in this bar contributes less than 4 total calories.

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